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V Cigar, The e Cigar Kit

V Cigar, The e Cigar Kit

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The V Cigar Kit is a quality e Cigar that ships with 5 atomized cartridges each of which hold the nicotine content equivalent to that of about 35 traditional cigarettes, approximately 500 mouthfuls.

The Kit comes complete with 1 Electronic Cigar, 1 lithium battery, Charger for USB or DC., 5 Atomized cartridge, (1 high nicotine content, 2 Medium nicotine content, 1 Low nicotine content and 1 with no nicotine).  

Each cartridge holds 1.7grams.

A full battery supports approximately 600 mouthfuls and takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge with approximately 300 charge times.

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