V-Smoke, The Cool Clean Virtual e Cigarette Smoke

Smoke Anywhere with the V Smoke, the e Cigarette

04/11/2012 15:39

Why do we smoke? It is for the calm cool feeling that we get when the nicotine gets to the brain and releases the dopamine that allows us that relaxing moment, that moment were we can sit back and quietly reflect on the situation.  We don't smoke to coat our lungs in tar or posion ourselves with carsinagins.  It's not to leave tar all over the walls and windows of our homes. And for the most part it is not to upset our neighbours. 

The V Smoke, e cigarettes, e cigars and e pipes allow us a safe way to get that cool calm feeling were ever we might be, a court room, hospital, shopping mall or in your car with children.  

The V Smoke also provides for less pain full way to break nicotine addiction all together. By starting with a high density nicotine cartridge in a flavour of your choice through medium density and low density to a nicotine free cartridge, e cigarettes make the transition to nicotine free a little less difficult.

There are many flavours to choose from including;  marlboro, mint, tobacco, chocolate, cherry, coffee, strawberry, Hilton, banana, almond, apple, orange, pineapple, Virgin, Camel, 555