V-Smoke, The Cool Clean Virtual e Cigarette Smoke

V- Smoke, Liquid e Cigarette Atomizer - Cotton-Free

V- Smoke, Liquid e Cigarette Atomizer - Cotton-Free

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A quality liquid e Cigarette atomizer,  design  to work with the   V Smoke e cigarette   deluxe kit e cigarette and liquid nicotine. It is completely cotton free.  The electronic cigarette with liquid tastes in many flavours and nicotine concentrations.

Nicotine concentrations come in high, medium, low and none (liquid nocotine sold seperately).

Flavours Include:  Marlboro, Camel, 555, tobacco, mint, chocolate, cherry, coffee, strawberry, Hilton, banana, almond, apple, orange and pineapple (Sold seperately).

Do away with the poisons and carcinogens of normal cigarettes and feel free to allow youself nicotine anywhere.

This unite should not be used without liquid.

The most inexpensive way to supplement your nicotine intake for reduction to nicotine free and to quit smoking.